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Practicum in Adapted Physical Activity No other workbook will help students learn more, remember more, and take more from their experience than Practicum in Adapted Physical Activity. Whether students’ practica are in adapted physical activity, adapted physical education, therapeutic recreation, general special education, or any program that includes people with disabilities, this workbook will help them prepare for their experience and evaluate it through journal writing, self-assessment, and critical reflective thinking. The book will help ground them in an abilities-based approach to adapted physical activity. And, ultimately, it will enhance their success in their budding careers. Practicum in Adapted Physical Activity provides students with these opportunities: o Experience and respond to a variety of settings and challenges when working with people with disabilities o Process and assimilate their practicum experience and hone their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills o Evaluate their performances as teachers and leaders and their approaches to working with people with disabilities o Prepare for job hunting through portfolio-building experiences while sharpening their teaching and leading skills oCreate a reflective journal of their personal learning experiences during the practicum This hands-on workbook, through the use of its real-life scenarios, self-evaluation checklists, handy tips, and reflective journaling exercises, leads students toward a greater understanding of the structure and purposes of a variety of experiences in practica. It helps them plan strategies for improved field performance, enhances the relationship with their mentor-teachers and leaders, and provides a variety of ways to reflect on the practicum experience and record insights for future reference. It also offers professional portfolio-building tools, assisting students in job hunting. In doing all this, it prepares students to be effective field professionals. Part I prepares students for their practicum as they learn about service delivery and the tools and strategies to make the practicum successful. It also explores motivational aspects and inclusive teaming. Part II focuses on different types of practicum supervision, various learning styles, and assessment tools. In Part III , students learn how to evaluate their experiences, reviewing their competencies, evaluating their programs, and taking with them lessons learned as they leave their practica. The exercises in each chapter help them explore and retain the salient information from their practica. Practicum in Adapted Physical Activity can be used in conjunction with a variety of textbooks, or it can stand alone alongside a practicum experience. This workbook helps students apply the principles they learn, promotes their development as practitioners, and helps them make the most of their practicum experience–all while they prepare for professional employment. Contents: Preface Part I. Setting the Stage: Preparation Chapter 1. Learning Service Delivery What Is a Practicum? The APA Practicum Changes to Service Delivery Focusing on You and Your Learning Experience Summary Exercise 1.1 Values Confirmation, Self-Awareness, and Ethics Exercise 1.2 Positive and Negative Attitudes Exercise 1.3 Words Are Important Exercise 1.4 Prepracticum Preparation: Self-Assessment of Expertise Exercise 1.5 Initiating the Practicum: How to Get Started if Your Practicum Has Not Been Prearranged Chapter 2. Learning Tools and Strategies Strategies for Successful Participation Learning From Your Practicum Asking Critical Questions Reflective Thinking Journaling Summary Exercise 2.1 Recording Observational Statements Exercise 2.2 Establishing a Working Relationship With the Person at the Center of Your Practicum Exercise 2.3 Asking Critical Questions Exercise 2.4 Reflective Writing Exercise 2.5 Journaling Chapter 3. Motivation Behavior Management Systems Perspective of Motivation Person-Centered Planning As Collaboration Summary Exercise 3.1 Behavior Changes Chapter 4. Inclusive Teaming Collaboration Summary Exercise 4.1 Inclusive Team Part II. Getting Into It: Participation Chapter 5. Practicum Supervision Types of Supervision Effective Supervision Summary Exercise 5.1 Goals Chapter 6. Learning Plans Learning Styles Multiple Intelligences Learning Map Clarify Expectations Summary Exercise 6.1 Learning Style Preferences Exercise 6.2 Multiple Intelligences Exercise 6.3 Learning Plan Chapter 7. Assessment Tools Assessing the Compatibility Between Person and Activity Formal and Informal Assessment Authentic Assessment Compatibility Overlap Assessing Environmental Support Systems Summary Exercise 7.1 Functional Assessment Leading to a Compatibility Match Exercise 7.2 Positions of Olkin and Kiger Exercise 7.3 Sample Assessment for the Practicum Environment Exercise 7.4 Rubric Part III. Looking Back: Evaluation Chapter 8. Reviewing Your Competencies Reviewing What You Know Reviewing What You Did Reviewing Your Results Reviewing What Others Know About You Preparing to Deal With Constructive Feedback Reviewing Postevaluation Outcomes Learning for Improvement Summary Exercise 8.1 Reviewing Competencies Exercise 8.2 Reviewing Practicum and Career Goals Chapter 9. Program Evaluation Assumptions About Evaluation Types of Evaluation Listening to the Learner’s Voice Developing a Constructive Review Collecting Information or Data Summary Exercise 9.1 Global Program Evaluation Exercise 9.2 Constructive Review Chapter 10. Leaving Your Practicum Leaving the Participants Leaving the Supervisor Leaving the Setting Lessons Learned Final Review Recommendations The Next Practicum Rewards of Practicum Placements Summary Exercise 10.1 Reviewing Your Practicum Exercise 10.2 Evaluating Your Practicum Supervision Exercise 10.3 Evaluating the Practicum Overall Exercise 10.4 Think Ahead to Your Next Practicum Appendix: Journal Writing Guidelines References About the Authors Audiences: Workbook and reference for students and instructors in physical education teacher education (PETE), adapted physical education (APE), adapted physical activity (APA), therapeutic recreation, and special education at the university level. Author: Claudia Emes, PhD, Beth P. Velde, PhD,

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